Woman Scream 2021-Call for Submission


Woman Scream Festival (Grito de Mujer) in its 11th. edition, opens its first call for video proposals to participate on the virtual events that will take place online, starting March 1st  throughout March  31st , 2021. The chosen theme for this season is: "Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine!"

“We, the WOMEN warriors, adapt to any circumstance. We stay strong, in the midst of the worst pandemic. We, who are indoors, quarantined with our abuser. We, the girls who live with those who mistreat us. We, the resilient of life. We, the strong WOMEN who don’t give up, who won’t be silenced, who will never give up or stay quieted! We are brave, we are art, we are hope, we are poetry, we are the SCREAM ”.


Please read the guidelines for this call below 



From Sept 25th, 2020 to Jan 5th, 2021:


Participating Categories *:

Short/Micro Film
Video Poems
Micro Conferences
Micro Workshops (literature, art, women, etc.)
Short Theater
Visual Arts


Who can participate:

People of any gender and nationality, over 18 years old, with one (1) proposal, filmed on video in any of these languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese or German, preferably created exclusively for the Woman Scream Festival 2021*. We accept previously published works*, as long as they comply with the guidelines of this call and fit into any of the themes of Woman Scream Festival, as detailed below (*See notes below):


-Single participation per category (One person can participate in up to two languages, same category).

-Video proposals related to the slogan of the Woman Scream Festival 2021, will be accepted: "Women Warriors: Violence is not in quarantine", a tribute to women and girls living in quarantine with their abusers, and / or similar topics within the Woman Scream Festival themes.

-Proposals whose messages are focused from hope, in a positive way, will be valued. Raising self-esteem and strengthening women self-value messages are welcome to support those women and girls in truly need during difficult times.


-We do not accept proposals that visualize or promote violence in any way, or sexual, sexist nor offensive content. Woman Scream is a family-friendly event. Please take it into consideration before submitting.



-The chosen proposals will be included on the Woman Scream 2021 agenda for March, under any date according to global calendar availability.

-Event Promotion.

-Certificate of Appreciation, sent to your email once the festival is over.


Time duration, by category:

-Short films (Brief. No established limit)

-Video-Poems (3 mins tops. Including greetings)

-Micro Conferences (15 mins tops).

-Micro Workshops (Topics of interest to the festival: literature, art, women, etc.) (15 mins tops).

-Short theater (monologue 5 mins tops. Group 15 mins tops).

-Performance (video 5 mins tops).

-Music (song, performance, solo or group, 1 piece)

-Dance (1 piece, solo or group)

-Visual Arts (10 tops. including greeting)


Submission format

-You must upload the video to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the link.


-You can record your proposal using a cell phone with good resolution or a digital/video camera.

-We’ll value creativity, relevance to festival’s subject, quality of presentation, image, lighting and sound.


-Recording format must be landscape/horizontal. 



If your proposal is selected


We will ask you to send us the video file through WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other, to download. If your content has Copyright, we’ll need your authorization to upload it on our YouTube and Facebook channels, for festival broadcasting use.

Attachments must be in:

MPG4 format
Maximum Resolution (1080x72)
For publication on Social Networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)


Additional attachments, besides downloadable video file, must be send:


-Short biography (5 lines tops)

-A good resolution photo

-Contact email (please double check email to avoid mistakes).

-Written authorization with your name and name of proposal, where you authorize Woman Scream Festival to use the submitted material to promote and publish it on its social networks, channels and pages, indicating that you’re participating freely out of solidarity in compliance to guidelines.


Greetings to the festival

Each newly created video must contain a greeting or mention to the Woman Scream Festival 2021, indicating name, nationality and country of residence at the beginning (20 seconds or less)



If your proposal hasn’t been created recently but, you wish to send it to this call, you can do so. If you are selected, you must attach to your video a mention or greeting to Woman Scream Festival 2021, along with your name, country, nationality and / or place of residence (10 seconds or less).


How to send your video


Use the form attached at the bottom of this page to summit your proposal.



OPENS NOVEMBER 25th, 2020- UNTIL JANUARY 5th, 2021.




Our team will be selecting the proposals that best represent the theme of the festival based on the quality of content, image, sound, creativity and relevancy.



*Important notes:

* We will not consider proposals that fail to meet any of the aforementioned requirements.

* We will not maintain any communication with the participants, except with selected ones.

*The chosen videos will be part of our Woman Scream Festival for March 2021 calendar menu of posted by Feb 15th, 2021.

* Your possible questions could be already answered in this call. Please read the details carefully.

* The Woman Scream Festival reserves
all selectionthe rights . The decision is final.

* Non selected proposals will be eliminated, but we will keep your email to send future calls (unless you indicate otherwise).

Registration will be considered as a guarantee that author owns image, music and text rights to project their work within Woman Scream Festival. Guidelines acceptance is automatic, when submitting your proposal to this call.




Woman Scream Founder Interview by The Listening Tree-Talk Show

Jael Uribe and Colin Haskins on The Listening Tree-Talk Show

Check out the most recent interview to our CEO and founder, the Dominican poetess, Jael Uribe. Learn more about our project and get a closer look at our creator's life, struggles and overcoming difficulties.


Source The Listening Tree-Talk Show

Welcome to The Listening Tree Talk Show! We are so happy to introduce you our first LIVE show broadcast from "The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center" in Middletown, CT.

To find out a little bit more about our quest, the Dominican poetess Jael Uribe, Founder of the Woman Scream Festival and the Women Poets International Movement, a worldwide cause that unites art and poetry to advocate against women violence. Check this video to watch the full show:

Woman Scream Founder at The Listening Tree CT

 Free Poets Collective Presents: The Listening Tree Talk Show

Live at The Buttonwood Tree

Live in Lockdown from The Buttonwood Tree. An innovative program, interviewing guests from any background. Finding beauty in hidden places, talking with interesting people, their stories of hope, struggles and ability to find expression during difficult times.

Tune in to The Listening Tree on our Social Networks for this LIVE broadcast.

Join us for our first episode featuring Jael Uribe, founder and creator of Woman Scream Festival, A worldwide cause against women abuse.

Saturday June 13th, 1PM.


Jael Uribe. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Graduated in Publicity Arts, she has a Master in Editorial and Graphic Design and a Diplomat in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. She is a writer, designer, storyteller, poet and painter. She is CEO of the Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poets International Movement) and the initiator of the Grito de Mujer (Woman Scream International Festival), an annual global celebration of events, to honor women and against women violence. She has received the “Freedom of Expression Award” in Norway, for her cultural involvement defending women and human’s rights through her projects.  Received the International Poetry Award Vicente Rodríguez-Nietzsche by the Porto Rico International Poetry Festival, and recently received recognition from the NY Assembly. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fierce by Mitu, among other publications. Her poetry and articles have been translated into several languages.

Learn more about Jael Uribe at

Woman Scream 2020: WE MADE IT!


Thank you everyone who could celebrate our Woman Scream anniversary events the first 14 days of this month of march, despite the circumstances, we also thank those who couldn't, for your efforts! We share with you some images, check others in our photo album in Facebook.

10 years, 70 countries, over 1000 events, 100,000 screams...

Let's go for more!

Be safe.

Woman Scream 10th Anniversary Anthologies

We have the joy of celebrating Woman Scream 10th anniversary with your voices, women united as one. Strong women, women of light, women of the SCREAM!

last march 2020, we designed two amazing carefully crafted female poetry compilations to honor the SCREAM of hundreds of women around the world: The "Woman Scream" and the "Somos el GRITO!" anthologies. Each one is illustrated by the amazing art of the Dominican Visual Artist, Yan Paez, volunteer and ambassador of our cause.


You can get your copy of each book on Amazon, by clicking HERE:




Thank you to the women poets that collaborated and that helped us spread our message. Please don't forget to comment and rate the book on Amazon. Send us your photo with the book, we will share it on our social networks!

Until next time!


Woman Scream 2020-Nigeria-Aba-Abia State


Woman Scream 2020-Republic of Macedonia

The International Poetry and Arts Festival "Woman Scream" was traditionally held for the fifth time, in Macedonia City Spojie, last Saturday 28th of march 2020. The festival is a worldwide chain of events held in March where poets and poets, artists and organizations from various countries volunteer to honor women's rights and send messages of self-confidence, respect and empowerment against violence against women. Every year the festival has its motto, and this year the international motto of the festival is "Who's screaming for you, to honor orphan children victims of femicides"

Until last year, the festival was continuously organized in more than 70 countries around the world, with more than 900 successful co-coordinated events, but this year Macedonia is the only country in the world to continue the tradition and hold the event, as other countries have canceled their events due to a pandemic. The national coordinators of the festival organization in Macedonia, the poets Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendzova, with the support of the organization Justice, have decided to hold the festival online this year.

- We have decided to take advantage of the benefits of computers and the Internet, as it is the modern information and technical capabilities that make the festival more accessible to both participants and audiences. That's why we decided this year to invite artists from all kinds of arts around the world. They presented their work through videos, which were posted on YouTube. The link was posted to social media on March 28 at 12 noon. Since then, the link has always been available to the public - said Prendzova.

According to her, "The Woman Scream" is a festival that aims to raise awareness of the fight against violence against women and women's rights, so, in the context of it, the motto of our national festival has always been "20 days after March 8 and let's do it. "

"That's why I want to remind you that women - mothers, daughters, sisters, daughters-in-law - are the ones who most often take care of sick and close family members and are often forced to put others' needs ahead of their own." In such cases the health of all stakeholders is always affected. In the name of the common good and health of the human race, I call for conscientiousness in following the procedures and following the recommendations so that everyone can have their lives back to normal very soon - says Prendzova.

This year's the participants were: the world-wide festival general coordinator Jael Uribe, from the Dominican Republic,
and mexican singer Adolfina Nava with the Grito de Mujer song of the festival. Also the participation of the performer Simmer Savo, poetess Pina Tucci and songwriter Angelo Torquia from Italy; poet Kui Chien Li of Taiwan; bachelor and actress Bailey Casle of the United States; poetess Tonya Pasola of Catalonia, Spain, and poet Gustavo Vega Mansilla of Spain; the poet Christian Kozel from Slovenia; performer and poetess Lucila Trapaco from Switzerland and poet Dashamir Malo from Albania, and the participants from Macedonia are: the performing duo Miki Janevski and Simona Atanasovska, the poet Marina Ikonomova Jokeva, the artist Pooja Echoi, the poet Miro Mojo , poetess Danica Ivanovska Lepojevic, artist and graphic designer Vlado Fidanoski, watercolorist and artist Simonida Filipova Kitanovska, musician Martin Cvetkovski aka DJ Orb, fashion designer Sarah Redzic and artist Vincic.

Participants list:

Woman Scream Macedonia 2020 

1.      Jael Uribe, world coordinator, DO
2.      Adolfina Nava, singer, DO
3.      Olivera Docevska, national coordinator, MK
4.      "Ester Ihaz" by Olivera Docevska; Miki Janevski & Simona Atanasovska, artists, MK
5.      Angelo Torchia, cantauthor, IT
6.      Kuei-shien Lee, poet, TW
7.      Marina Ikonomova Shokeva, poet, MK
8.      Miro Masin, artist, MK
9.      Miyatta, singer, MK
10.  Simone Savo, slam poet, IT
11.  Bailey Castle, slam poet, USA
12.  Tonia Passola, poet, Catalonia, ES
13.  Kristian Kozelj, poet, SI
14.  Emilija i Stojche Tocinovski, artist duo, MK
15.  Gustavo Vega Mansilla, poet, ES
16.  Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj, poet, MK
17.  Vlado Fidanoski, artist, MK
18.  Lucilla Trapazzo, artist, CH
19.  Pina Tucci, poet, IT
20.  Simonida Filipova Kitanovska, artist, MK
21.  Martin Cvetkovski, DJ, MK
22.  Sara Redzic, fashion designer, MK
23.  Gordana Vincic, artist, MK
24.  Dashamir Malo, poet, AL
25.  Elena Prendjova, poet & national coordinator, MK

Woman Scream 2020-Accra-Ghana


On 15th March 2020, the Accra Woman Scream 2020 program began with some music and slowly the participants arrived.  There were two very active young girls under the age of 15 who were very excited to perform and spoke well on the theme. They were Vicentia Amaburu and Thomasina Chea who had more than one poem to perform.  A  participant, Jean Chantal Ayanga, spoke of the difficulty and struggles of being a single mother and how she overcame the challenges and negative attitude given to women in her situation.   
We also had Abena Antwi, Desmond Achaempong, Mawuli Selormey and Isaac Obeng and myself, Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko as some of the performers.  
Attendance was good, despite recent worldwide events but we took all the sanitary measures possible. We had more music and played some poetry recorded by professional poets to add to the ambience.  

All participants received their certificates and the owners of the venue, Mr. and Mrs Caspar Selormey gave the use of the  venue for free as their contribution to the event. 
Two volunteers, Raymond Dzandu and Kwame Fosu assisted in the event. Two FM Radio stations (Stephen Arman of Peace FM and Mr. Nii Okpoti Odamtten of Amanie FM covered the event and interviewed me.  

All look forward to next year!
Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko
WS Coordinator Accra

Woman Scream Anthology

Here it is! 

The "WOMAN SCREAM!" anthology with the selection of 42 female poets, participants of our 1st. call for submission in tribute to the Woman Scream cause, on the occasion of its 10th. Anniversary. Out of the hundreds texts received, we have taken 42 voices for the printed book. Poems related to the Scream, as a mean of expression, from a feminine point of view.

This anthology has been produced by our Rosado Fucsia Editorial project and has been dedicated to all the women in the world who live submerged in silence waiting for the awakening of their voices. For them WE SCREAM!

The images in this volume have been donated by the Dominican painter, Yan Páez, Visual Artist.
If you want a copy, the book can be printed under demand from Amazon webpage here: or by visiting our page menu Anthologies. With your support, you will be contributing to our projects against women violence.

Once again, we THANK YOU for supporting our cause.

Note: Take a selfie with your book and send it us so we could share it on our pages. Do not forget to leave us your comment on Amazon, your review is very important to us.


 Over 40 female voices from 26 countries, united in one SCREAM. A scream of hope, a scream of freedom, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of our cause and to all the women from the world, especially those sunk into silence waiting for the awakening of their voices.

Support our cause!

-------Get yours NOW! CLICK HERE-------

Featuring participants from:

    Dominican Republic
    Republic of Macedonia
    Saint Lucia
    South Africa


Participant Women Poets (Sorted by name):

1. Alice Brookes 15

2. Andrea Jaque 17

3. Anna Sujatha Mathai 19

4. Anni Sumari 21

5. Arusyak Ohanyan 26

6. Barbara Marie Minney 27

7. Bobbie Dumas Panek 30

8. Bree Alexander 31

9. Catherine Ronan 32

10. Cecilia Ortiz 33

11. Cristina Soptelea (Cristina Prisacariu) 35

12. Denisse Español 36

13. Dorit Weisman 38

14. Elena Prendjova 40

15. Elizabeth Hugenschmidt 43

16. Enas Suleiman 45

17. Hanna Gia Louise 47

18. Itzel Zagal 50

19. Jacqueline Moreira da Silva 52

20. Jael Uribe 53

21. Janice Heather Hector 55

22. Johanna Peters 57

23. Kathrine Yets 59

24. Lorraine Caputo (Lorraine Crouch) 61

25. M.C. MoHagani Magnetek 65

26. Maria Fontenelle 68

27. Nastassia Rambarran 70

28. Nyaradzai Audrey Matambo 71

29. Oriada Dajko 73

30. Prachi Jha 74

31. Rachel Lauren Storm 76

32. Sahar Ajdamsani 77

33. Sara Aronovitch Karpanos 78

34. Simona 79

35. Simona Voica 82

36. Tabitha Lean 83

37. Teri Petz 86

38. Thembi Ntahane kaMahlangu 87

39. Tralone Lindiwe Khoza 88

40. Tsitsi Caroline Maurukira 89

41. Vanessa Chisakula 90

42. Violeta Stanković 95

-------Get yours NOW! CLICK HERE-------

Woman Scream 2020-Norway-Lillehammer

Photo: Linda Gabrielsen and Åse Ombustvedt, Back: Marie Haavik, Marit Borkenhagen (Norwegian Literature Festival), Magnhild Bruheim, Hallfrid Velure, Victoria Bø (DnF), Cathrine Strøm (Literature House Lillehammer)

For the third time, Norwegina Author's Union helped organize a Norwegian version of the Woman Scream festival, a literature festival focusing on freedom of expression and women.



In March each year the Woman Scream festival is organized. This is a worldwide network of events focusing on freedom of expression. This year, Woman Scream 2020 takes place in 31 countries, including Norway. Woman Scream was founded by poet and human rights advocate Jael Uribe ten years ago in her hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Uribe won DnF's Freedom of Expression Award for 2016 and came to Norway to receive the award the following year. The meeting with Uribe and the stories she brought with her about freedom of speech struggles led DnF to organize a Norwegian version of Woman Scream in the third year in collaboration with the Norwegian Literature Festival and Lillehammer Literature House.


Literature and freedom of speech.

In Norway, the festival was held in Lillehammer on March 3, the same day as in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and the Dominican Republic. The authors Magnhild Bruheim, Linda Gabrielsen, Åse Ombustvedt and Marie Haavik participated in readings and in panel discussions. The evening was led by Marit Borkenhagen, leader of the Norwegian Literature Festival.

Since its inception in 2011, Uribe and local writers and artists in various countries have ensured that Woman Scream has been organized in more than 70 countries and with more than 900 different markings. This year's festival theme is "Who is crying for you?" and there are voices shouting on behalf of children who are in demand. The international version of the festival has its own focus on children who have become motherless due to violence and murder.

The focus of the Norwegian festival was: How are children's voices expressed in the literature? Can literature help strengthen the vulnerable and vulnerable and change something for us readers?


The child as a size in the world.

"I've always been concerned about children as a size in the world," said Linda Gabrielsen, who is current in the book Entré. She met case writer Marie Haavik for a panel discussion led by Hallfrid Velure. In 2016 Marie Haavik published the book One which is good. To have a child with Down syndrome. Haavik and Gabrielsen in their books in different ways give voice to the experience of having children with Down.

Youth book author Åse Ombustvedt, in conversation with Magnhild Bruheim, told how a trip to the store became the inspiration for the book How Old I Must Be Before I Can Shoot My Dad, a poem book for youth that deals with domestic violence, among other things.

"If the book can help some of the silent kids dare start talking, then that would be very nice," she said.


For tredje gang var DnF med på å arrangere en norsk versjon av Woman Scream festivalen, en litteraturfestival med fokus på ytringsfrihet og kvinner.

I mars hvert år arrangeres Woman Scream festivalen. Dette er et verdensomspennende nettverk av arrangementer som har fokus på ytringsfrihet. I år foregår Woman Scream i 31 land, deriblant Norge. Woman Scream ble grunnlagt av poeten og menneskerettighetsforkjemperen Jael Uribe for ti år siden i hennes hjemby Santo Domingo i Den dominikanske republikk. Uribe vant DnFs Ytringsfrihetspris for 2016 og kom til Norge for å motta prisen året etter. Møtet med Uribe og fortellingene hun hadde med seg om ytringsfrihetskamp førte til at DnF på tredje året arrangerer en norsk versjon av Woman Scream i samarbeid med Norsk Litteraturfestival og Lillehammer Litteraturhus.

Litteratur og ytringsfrihet. 

I Norge ble festivalen arrangert på Lillehammer 3 mars, samme dag som i Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia og Den dominikanske republikk. Forfatterne Magnhild Bruheim, Linda Gabrielsen, Åse Ombustvedt og Marie Haavik deltok med opplesinger og i panelsamtaler. Kvelden ble ledet av Marit Borkenhagen, leder for Norsk Litteraturfestival.

Siden oppstarten i 2011 har Uribe og lokale forfattere og kunstnere i ulike land sørget for at Woman Scream blitt arrangert i mer enn 70 land og med mer 900 ulike markeringer. Årets festival tema er «Hvem roper for deg?» og det er stemmer som roper på vegne av barn som etterspørres. Den internasjonale versjonen av festivalen har et eget fokus på barn som har blitt morløse pga vold og drap.

Fokuset for den norske festivalen var: Hvordan kommer barnas stemmer til uttrykk i litteraturen? Kan litteratur bidra til å styrke de utsatte og sårbare og endre noe for oss lesere?

Barnet som en størrelse i verden. 

– Jeg har alltid vært opptatt av barn som en størrelse i verden, sa Linda Gabrielsen som er bokaktuell med romanen Entré. Hun møtte sakprosaforfatter Marie Haavik til panelsamtale ledet av Hallfrid Velure. Marie Haavik ga i 2016 ut boka En som er god. Å få et barn med Downs syndrom. Haavik og Gabrielsen gir i sine bøker på ulik måte stemme til opplevelsen av å få barn med Down.

Ungdomsbokforfatter Åse Ombustvedt fortalte i samtale med Magnhild Bruheim hvordan en tur på butikken ble inspirasjonen til boken Hvor gammel må jeg være før jeg kan skyte faren min, en diktbok for ungdom som blant annet handler om vold i nære relasjoner.

– Hvis boken kan bidra til at noen av de tause barna tør begynne å snakke, så ville det være veldig fint, sa hun.


Woman Scream 2020-Ireland-Cork

Ó Bhéal featured guests for the Woman Scream Festival 2020, 10th anniversary were Fióna Bolger and Moyra Donaldson. The event took place at The Hayloft Bar and had Poetry-Films and started at 8pm, Five Word challenge at 9pm, featured guests from 9.45pm and open-mic from 11pm.

Fióna Bolger recently launched her first poetry collection, a compound of words (Yoda Press, 2019). She lives between Ireland and India. Her work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Southword, The Brown Critique, Poetry Bus, The Chattahoochee Review and others. She co-edited All the Worlds Between (Yoda Press, Delhi, 2017), a poetry project between Ireland and India.

Her grimoire was published in 2015, Geometry of Love Between the Elements by PB Press. She is a co-ordinator of Dublin Writers’ Forum and a member of the creative team of Outlandish Theatre Platform. Fióna is currently working towards a PhD at DCU entitled ‘Searching for Poems in the Cracks Between Borders’.

Moyra Donaldson is a poet and creative writing facilitator from Co Down. She has published eight collections of poetry, most recently Carnivorous (Doire Press, 2019) which was recently nominated for Poetry Wales – Book of the Year by poet Kerry Hardie, who described it as ‘completely fearless yet deeply reverent’. Ciaran Carson described the poems as ‘searching, intimate, sometimes harrowing – recognising the capacity of language to transform ourselves’. Her awards include the Women’s National Poetry Competition, The Allingham Award, Cuirt New Writing Award, North West Words Poetry Award, the Belfast Year of the Writer Award and in 2019 she received a Major Artist Award from the Arts Council Northern Ireland.

Moyra has collaborated with a number of visual artists and in 2018, she worked with Wexford artist, Paddy Lennon to produce Blood Horses, a limited edition publication of artworks and poems. Blood Horses tells the stories of The Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Barb, the three founding stallions of the thoroughbred horse. It also explores the profound link between humans and horses. Her poems have featured on BBC Radio and television and on American national radio and television and she has read at festivals in Europe, Canada and America.